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Posted on 06/16/2024
3 Smart Technology Upgrades to Help Sell Your House
If you’re putting your house on the market, you’re likely trying to find every way to increase buyer interest. There are many things you can do to boost home value and attractiveness to potential buyers. One thing that has become increasingly effective in modern home sales is smart technology. If you’re interested in adding some easy smart home...
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Posted on 06/09/2024
Items to sell before moving day: A home seller's guide
When you start the process of selling your home, there...
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Posted on 06/02/2024
Designing French gardens: 4 Key elements
To add classic elegance to your home’s exterior, consider...
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Posted on 05/26/2024
Placing furniture in your home: Best practices
The choices you make in placing furniture in your home are...
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Posted on 05/19/2024
Insulate outlets at home to improve energy efficiency
If you've ever noticed cold air leaks while plugging...
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Posted on 05/12/2024
The basics of investing in a quality storm door
Have you ever heard a tree branch slam into your front...
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Posted on 05/05/2024
What Homebuyers Should Know About HUD Homes
If you're searching for a new home, you may have come across references to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes. HUD offers government mortgage insurance programs and loans. But what is a HUD home, exactly? Here are the basics to help you with your home search: HUD Homes: The Basics HUD homes are foreclosed properties reclaimed by the...
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Posted on 04/28/2024
A beginners guide to fun home projects
DIY home projects can be a super affordable way to give...
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Posted on 04/21/2024
Is it time to make the change from renting to owning a home?
For many, the homebuying journey often starts with getting...
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Posted on 04/14/2024
Benefits of HUD homes
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties present...
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Posted on 04/07/2024
Building value with home improvement: Return on investment
When homeowners think of home improvement, return on...
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Posted on 03/31/2024
Buy a house with bad credit: Options to consider
While getting approved for a mortgage does require a good...
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